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10 Jul

I love this video by Hannah!! Check it out below! Just another reason I am a busy momma!

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How to Crochet a Granny Dollie Rug using Hooplayarn – without a pattern

30 Jun


Love this rug and the tips on how to manage your stitches if the rug curls up or down!

Originally posted on thestitchsharer:

Finished Hooplayarn Grannt Dolly Rag RugSince making my Zpagetti yarn bag I have had plans to make a crocheted Granny Dollie Rug. I’m always keen to try out new yarns, so was delighted to come across Hooplayarn for my latest ‘StitchShare’ project.

My rug is mainly made up of UK treble (US double) and chain crochet  stitches. A key aim of the project is to create a circle that will lay flat on the ground, each time I finished a round I threw her (she is called Daisy!) on the floor and had a good look at her edge. If the rug was lying flat that was perfect. If the edge of the rug was curving down / under, then it meant I needed to increase my stitches on the next round. If the rug edges curved up or became wavy, it was a sign I had too many stitches.

Do you want to see her story?

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I will endure being mentally manipulated by my teenagers but NOT by my Facebook Account!

30 Jun 20140630-130445-47085668.jpg

It took a team of Cornell Researchers and a billion dollar social media site to research and conclude what any parent of any teenager could tell you in a nanosecond… Positive talk begets positive responses and negative talk elicits negative responses. Wow! Shocking findings! For the next research study Dearest Facebook, you should look into seeing if people eat when they are hungry. Spoiler Alert! I bet they do!

As soon as I have the contact information of those “friends” I don’t want to lose and they have mine I will be saying “Good Night, Gracie” to Facebook forever! What they have done with their one week research study this past January is deplorable and frankly I don’t even understand how any of it was at all ethical.

I am no expert on psychological studies but what I do know is that there is supposed to be some sort of debriefing done when manipulation of humans and human emotions occurs. I don’t know if my news feed was one that was tampered with or not. If it was I wasn’t told and wasn’t “debriefed.”

It is irresponsible to manipulate the emotions of people so haphazardly and it is dangerous!

Imagine this…. What if I had been suffering from serious depression and was having suicidal thoughts during the month of January? (FYI, many people do and if you live in Northeast Ohio we are second to Seattle, Washington for sunless days in the Winter, hence a high rate of seasonal depression). What if I, had been contemplating suicide in January (for the record, I wasn’t), was glued to my Facebook account and was the unwitting lab rat that received the negative news feeds? Oh My God! Think of what may have happened. The ramifications of what you irresponsible researchers did to untold thousands of individuals during your secret “testing” is beyond me! There may well be blood on your research papers.

Researching my news feed, my buying habits, my likes, etc. I have no problem with that and frankly it is to be expected in this brave new world of multiple and oh so social media we live in. But to actually attempt to manipulate and elicit my (keyword emotion, I don’t know any cyborgs) emotional responses without my permission goes beyond what I signed up for.

It’s bad enough that Google tries to personalize my search results, my smart TV attempts to tell me what to watch and even my personal email randomly chooses to place my friends’ emails in my junk folder (I decide when my friends are no longer friends, not Outlook)!

With all of these algorithms creating so called personalized searches, pretty soon I won’t even know what I want to search for anymore and the searches themselves will not actually be realistic. Google is customizing us to what they want us to be and taking away the opportunity for people to think as individuals.

I refuse to be facebooked, googled, binged, myspaced, any longer. I actually adore using social media! I embrace social media and I believe in it. What I don’t believe in is social media manipulating my mind and my emotions. I have teenagers for that!

If you want to read a good article about Facebook and their “research” check out Dino Grandoni’s article on The Huffington Post entitled “A Lab Rat in a Huge Facebook Experiment” at http://www.huffpost.com

I hate quitting Facebook, but more than that I refuse to stand for nothing!

Good Night Gracie. Facebook researchers, that really means Good Bye Facebook (saving you a few thousand in research funding….)


Lose Some, Find Some: or Today I Spill the Beans

26 Jun

Originally posted on Becoming Cliche:

So I’ve been keeping a secret. I hate secrets. They put so much distance between us. So today, I’m just going to lay it right out there. I think you’re going to like it.

First, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, an interesting species of turtle became extinct. Last seen in 1908, the Arakan Forest Turtle, Heosemys depressa, disappeared and was never seen again. It seems like a sad story, but stick with me. About 100 years later, in 1994, a scientist visiting a food market in Asia was astounded to find a few of these animals for sale! A relic population was discovered, and animals were taken into captivity in the hopes of forming assurance colonies and potentially increasing its numbers.

With wild-caught animals in general, and reptiles in particular, breeding isn’t a straightforward endeavor. With dogs and cats, boy + girl =…

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Carrying A Torch…

25 Jun 20140625-134154-49314530.jpg

Bet you thought I was going to write about how I am carrying a torch for a past flame… Get it torch – flame… I can hear the boo’s through the internet now (and I’m giggling). Well, I am not carrying a torch for a past love, though a do carry a torch for a current one (nope, I do NOT kiss and tell) and this post isn’t about unrequited love, at least not exactly.

We all carry some sort of torch for some one, some thing, some belief, some cause, some wrong that needs to be righted and most of us keep that torch hidden under a bushel. Few of us have ever been granted the honour to carry an actual, out in the open, in your face, real live, real heavy, burning, smoking, flaming torch as those who run cross country in an Olympic torch relay.

Wow! Can you imagine the honour? The responsibility? The memories? The You Tube videos of me tripping and falling and dousing the Olympic Torch in a puddle on national tv? That’s why I will never be asked to carry an Olympic torch, well, that, and I’m not actually an Olympian….

Today, I had the honour in witnessing runners carrying an Olympic type torch. Now, because I live in Cleveland and because I know that the 2014 Gay Games are soon to begin in August I assumed these runners were carrying the Olympic Torch for The Gay Games, but since I can find no documentation that it was them I can’t be certain.

What I can be certain about is that seeing these runners filled with pride for whatever Olympic Type Competition they were proud to represent mixed with my assumption it was for GG9 (Gay Games 9), and the appalling need for serious police escort and “Suburban Anti-Crime Control” armored vehicles I am now a proud supporter and future attendee of GG9!

Before you think me homophobic, you would be 100% WRONG! My disinterest in GG9 was purely from an athletic perspective and misunderstanding of what the gay games stood for, which by the way is not merely support of LGBT athletes only, but acceptance, diversity and inclusion for ALL athletes. Do some research and you will see!

What bothered me so much was that people, athletes, whom have trained and trained and spilt blood, sweat and tears to be the best are mistreated in the “real” Olympics, hello RUSSIA with your anti-gay policies hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics (I refused to watch it) and various other sports that have turned their backs on athletes because of their sexuality. Tina Turner needs to remake her song”what’s love got to do with it” and call it “What does WHO you love got to do with it?”

Every athlete deserves a chance to represent their sport, regardless of race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Sports isn’t about sex (well outside of The SI swim suit edition). Sports is about a person truly being the best and working hard to be the best! You don’t win a medal just because you have talent, you win the medal because you worked for it!

I think it’s awful that there has to be a Gay Games, not because someone is LGBT, but because these athletes aren’t judged as athletes, they are judged by whom they love. Why don’t we judge heterosexual athletes that are the cheaters, the beaters, and the deceivers?

What’s love got to do with it? In sports, it doesn’t! The only love that counts in athletics, is the love for the game! So to you torch bearers in the International Rainbow Run, carry that flame high, carry it with pride and I will be out there rooting you on in every single sport you compete in (even though I don’t get all the rules or why some sports are actually sports).

Run, Compete, Believe and Be Proud of you! See you at GG9 in Cleveland-Akron this August! 20140625-133955-49195565.jpg




How and Why?

15 May


Why Every Child Should Learn to Program a Computer…

12 May Featured Image -- 836


The skill of computer programming is a super power! Help our children become super heros!

Originally posted on Sam Foster:

Like many British schoolchildren, I studied a variety of subjects at school. Mathematics, natural sciences, history, drama, music, technology and physical education. Not to mention the language subjects – as a minimum, English language, English literature plus one foreign language of your choosing from a selection of French, German, Spanish or Latin.

I chose French and, after five years of studious learning, came out of the education system aged 16 none the wiser in terms of truly grasping a foreign language. Perhaps it was that foreign languages weren’t my forte. Perhaps speaking French looked much easier on ‘Allo ‘Allo – whatever the reason, I just didn’t seem to be as enthused about French as I was about other more vocational subjects like technology.

Technology itself plays host to a whole raft of languages – some more complex than others (you’ve probably used one or more of these languages without ever realising it). These…

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